• Hydrogen talks uses a simple yet effective discussion methodology that is rooted in argumentative policy analysis and ethical technology assessment.

  • Every talk lasts between 45 min and 1,5 hours, with most talks finishing within 1 hour.

  • The talks are primarily held online via chat platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Participants can join either through calling (e.g., from a landline or mobile) or via their computers.

  • Talks are facilitated by a host and notes are taken by a secretary

  • In some cases, the talks are recorded based on the parties' informed consent

  • Typically, a talk will involve 3-5 speakers

  • Prior to the talk, the parties are provided information around the topic and the parties fill in a short form about their views.

Participants introduce themselves and their organisation

Having read the given info page on the topic, participants express their standpoints on the matter

Participants react to each other's standpoints and arguments and create a discussion

Participants draw up a list of conclusions (consensus not necessary)

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