The quadruple helix society Hydrogen Talks was born from en EU-Comissioned project called RiConfigure. The RiConfigure project seeks to foster cross-sectoral collaborations in research and development. The challenges we are facing globally are complex and call for setting a new team to find solutions. Traditionally the innovation process has been dominated by the industry, the public sector and research. However, civil society possesses great creative competences too and we need to include these undervalued actors in order to let innovative solutions flourish. By bringing different voices together in new types of collaborations we avoid blind spots because every actor has specific competences and focus points. There is a strength in including more diverse voices in the dynamic process, as diversity creates resilience and representativeness. Together we are stronger and can find with more holistic solutions. Solutions which could not have been developed without the active co-creation by civil society. Watch this video if you want to know more about the theoretical framework for the project.

Members of the RiConfigure Project Consortium


The purpose of Hydrogen Talks is to trigger and maintain a dialogical process around hydrogen innovation and hydrogen policy making. Dialogical processes are known to ensure not only a more robust innovation process anchored in societal value, but also to provide a context for early-on spotting of risks. We thus draw insights from fields such as responsible research and innovation, technology assesment and argumentative policy analysis.